February 9, 2016

PHOTOS & FULL TEXT: Activists deliver a People’s Indictment of the 3 officers that beat Jordan Miles


Pittsburgh Police Officers
In Beating and False Arrest of
Jordan Miles on January 12, 2010

And now come the PEOPLE dedicated to Justice for Jordan Miles to hereby indict the three Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers, Richard Ewing, Michael Saldutte, and David Sisak, who brutally beat Jordan Miles on January 12, 2010, for the following CRIMES:


Jump squad tactics in neighborhoods defined by race.

Serious injury to small frightened innocent honor student Jordan Miles; negligible injury to much bigger and visibly belligerent Scott Ashby arrested at PNC Park.

No conclusion by the DOJ that the police acted properly.


Excessive use of force.

Relative size, weight, and training of the police versus the victim.

Relative injuries to victim compared to police.

Known violent history and character of the police versus the victim.

The pictures make us all witnesses.


No probable cause for approaching Jordan Miles.

No weapon, no drugs, no suspicious bulge.

No concerned neighbor, no loitering, no prowling.

No resisting arrest.

No fault in trying to flee unprovoked surprise attack..

No credible identification as police, by definition disguised–undercover.

Malicious prosecution–false statements & charges fabricated solely to justify an illegal attack after the fact.

Crime #4. PERJURY

Mountain Dew–fabricated.

Concerned neighbor–fabricated.



Drug use–fabricated.

Resisting arrest–fabricated.

Assaulting the police–fabricated.


These are crimes not only against Jordan Miles, but
also against the people and laws of Allegheny
County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

WHEREFORE, we the people dedicated to justice for
Jordan Miles declare that BEYOND A REASONABLE
DOUBT these charges demand an open, public
criminal prosecution of the police with complete
evidence presented to an unbiased JURY.

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