February 11, 2016

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On January 12, 2010, one day after his 18th birthday, CAPA High School honors student Jordan Trent Miles was ambushed by three plain clothes Pittsburgh police officers, who failed to identify themselves and approached him aggressively. The officers did not say “Stop! Police!”, they jumped out of an unmarked vehicle, one of them yelling “Where’s your money? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the gun?” Miles, never before in trouble with the police and thinking he was being robbed, began to run, and slipped on the icy sidewalk. The officers overtook Miles and administered a brutal beating that left him unrecognizable, ripping dreadlocks out of his head, and continuing to beat him as he lay on the ground after their initial assault, stammering the Lord’s Prayer. There can be no explaining away or excusing what was done to Miles.

The police officers lied about what happened, claiming there was a bulge in his pocket they assumed was a gun but “turned out to be a Mountain Dew bottle”. No bottle was ever entered into evidence, and Jordan and his friends will tell you he doesn’t even drink the soda. The officers also attempted to claim a neighbor reported him as a prowler and attempted to bring assault charges against Miles, which were tossed out of court when the neighbor said she did no such thing. Despite all this, the City of Pittsburgh went on to reward these violent officers with a commendation and, during their suspension, paid them more than they earned while working. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh DA has not brought charges and the Justice Department announced on May 4th, 2011 that it would not prosecute the three officers. The mayor and police chief announced on May 5th that the three officers would be returning to work. Demand justice for Jordan Miles!

Justice for Jordan Miles is a Pittsburgh-based campaign for police accountability formed in the wake of the brutal assault of Jordan Miles in January 2010. This website is approved by the family of Jordan Miles.





On January 12, 2010, one day after his 18th birthday, at approximately 11:00 pm, Jordan Trent Miles, an African American male, was ambushed by three Caucasian plain-clothed Pittsburgh police officers, who sped up to Miles in their unmarked car after observing Miles exiting his mother’s house and walking up the street. Miles was on his way around the corner to his grandmother’s house for the night, but never made it there.

As all three officers jumped out of their car, they shouted “Where’s the gun, where’s the money, where’s the drugs?” The officers initially failed to identify themselves as officers, so Miles, thinking he was being robbed, began to run. Almost immediately, Miles slipped on the icy ground and fell. The officers quickly overtook Miles, who weighs a mere 150 lbs, and proceeded to administer a brutal beating to Miles’ face, head, torso and limbs, that left Miles unrecognizable and bleeding profusely. Early on in the attack, the officers damaged Miles’ brand-new wool coat in the process of ripping it from his body. Without his coat, on a frigid night, Miles was forced face-down into the dirty snow and slush as the beating continued.

Adding insult to injury, Miles was ultimately handcuffed, arrested and charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault, loitering and prowling at nighttime, escape and resisting arrest. Miles was then taken to the county jail, where he spent the next 22 hours before finally being released to his mother and grandmother, more than 7 hours after the bail bond was paid. In addition, Miles, who had been cultivating neat dreadlocks for nearly 7 years, was unfortunately forced to shave his head bald, since many of his locks were ripped from his scalp during the attack. Meanwhile, the police went on to carefully craft a completely dishonest criminal complaint, designed to explain Miles’ horrific injuries and justify their own outrageous actions.

Jordan Trent Miles comes from a good home and has a loving family. He is truly a remarkable young man, who happens to be a High Honor Roll Student at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 School in Downtown, Pittsburgh. He plays the viola as a member of both the CAPA symphony and the jazz band. Miles is a law-abiding citizen who has never been in trouble of any kind. His personality can best be described as kind, friendly, jovial, quiet and at times, shy. Miles is loved, liked, respected and admired by many people. There is nothing about Miles or his lifestyle that would warrant such an attack by police.