February 6, 2016

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Ex-Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper indicted

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert C. Mitchell today announced a federal grand jury handed up a five count indictment of former Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper. Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Cessar said the indictment included one count of criminal conspiracy. Judge Mitchell described the four other counts as “tax problems.” The grand jury foreman said 17 members were present and at least 12 voted to indict. Mr. Cessar motioned for an arrest warrant. At an afternoon initial appearance and arraignment before U.S. Judge Mitchell, Mr. Harper pleaded not guilty as is standard at this stage of federal proceeding. He appeared in a brown suit with attorneys Robert DelGreco and Robert Leicht, who said they will continue to represent him. [Continue Reading]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jordan Miles case not defining moment for Civil Rights Section, says U.S. Attorney Hickton

‘I hope our civil rights effort will not be judged by one case’ Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—A year ago last week, the region’s new top federal prosecutor tasked a team of five attorneys with pursuing civil rights violations.

Jordan Miles, city denied access to grand jury testimony

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The civil case filed by Jordan Miles against the city of Pittsburgh isn’t weighty enough to warrant the breaching of the traditional secrecy of federal grand jury proceedings, U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster ruled Tuesday.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Judge says attorneys in Jordan Miles case have to do their own digging

Brian Bowling, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—Attorneys for Pittsburgh and a Homewood man suing the city for police brutality must conduct their own investigations to prepare for trial instead of cribbing notes from a federal grand jury investigation of the incident at the heart of the lawsuit, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jordan Miles, city denied access to grand jury testimony

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster ruled late Tuesday that the city of Pittsburgh and the legal team for Jordan Miles can’t have access to secret grand jury testimony.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Both sides in Jordan Miles case to view some FBI files

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The city of Pittsburgh and attorneys for Jordan Miles will be permitted to view some records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into police handling of his January 2010 arrest.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: City seeks federal data in Jordan Miles case

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The city of Pittsburgh on Thursday asked a federal judge to force the U.S. attorney’s office to turn over all grand jury testimony in the federal investigation of three Pittsburgh police officers involved in the arrest of high school student Jordan Miles during a confrontation in Homewood in 2010.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: NAACP asks Zappala to charge police in Jordan Miles case

Torsten Ove, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Members of the NAACP met today with Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. to ask him to prosecute three Pittsburgh police officers in the Jan. 12, 2010, beating of Jordan Miles.

Atlanta Post: Obama and Department of Justice Crack Down on Police Brutality

Charing Ball, Atlanta Post—President Obama has been criticized a lot lately for neglecting to address the issues that his black constituency deems important. However, a recent announcement (which has pretty much flown under the radar) just might be the key to swaying the opinions of some disgruntled folks in the black and minority communities.

PHOTOS & FULL TEXT: Activists deliver a People’s Indictment of the 3 officers that beat Jordan Miles

City Paper: Miles to Go: After more than a year of being the face for police accountability, Jordan Miles is now adding his voice

Chris Young, Pittsburgh City Paper—Since his arrest and beating at the hands of three undercover city police officers last year, Jordan Miles has been the face of efforts to reform the Pittsburgh Police  — whether he wanted to be or not.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoon: “Pittsburgh Justice”

Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blog—The U.S. Justice Department ended its investigation into the beating of a Jordan Miles without issuing any charges. The officers involved were reinstated to active duty without any real explanation of what happened. Police Chief Nate Harper said, “There is no question that Mr. Jordan Miles sustained physical injuries, but there […]

Raw footage: Justice for Jordan Miles Emergency Protest #2, Police HQ, 14 May 2011

Nigel Parry for Pittsburgh Indymedia—Raw Flipcam footage from the second emergency protest for Justice for Jordan Miles, called by the Alliance for Police Accountability. The footage (released as Creative Commons-Non-Commercial-Attribution) was shot near and in front of Police Headquarters in the Northside of Pittsburgh, on May 14th, 2011, from just after 1pm onwards.

Terez Miles’ statement, read out during the May 6th Emergency Protest in Downtown

Thursday, May 5, 2011—Yesterday’s decision by federal officials not to charge the three police officers who brutally beat Jordan came as a horrible insult, to Jordan, to me as his mother, and to everyone with eyes, a brain and common sense.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: NAACP seeks meeting on Jordan Miles case

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The Pittsburgh branch of the NAACP plans to ask for a meeting with the police chief, mayor and district attorney to create a dialogue about police-community relations.

AP: NAACP wants to meet with mayor, police chief to discuss police beating of arts student

Associated Press—The Pittsburgh branch of the NAACP wants to meet with the mayor, police chief and district attorney about separate investigations by the Justice Department and the city failed to prove three white officers broke the law or department regulations when they beat a black arts student last year.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Justice Department came up short in Miles case

Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The U.S. Department of Justice swears it could get convictions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terror suspects if their trials were held in civilian court instead of before military judges at Gitmo. That’s big talk coming from an agency that found the Jordan Miles civil rights case too hot to handle.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: NAACP wants city officers prosecuted for Jordan Miles beating

Tony LaRussa, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—The head of the Pittsburgh chapter of the NAACP yesterday said the organization is unified with other black organizations that are calling for the firing and prosecution of three Pittsburgh police officers they say beat a Homewood teenager. “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is outraged over news of […]

Podcast: Special Rustbelt Radio report on Jordan Miles (extended 24 minute version)

The feature takes a look back at the 15 months since Jordan was beaten, the recent news that the federal government are not going to prosecute the cops for civil rights violations of Miles—which the Mayor and Police Chief are trying to spin as a blanket pardon. Listen to speakers including Tim Stevens, Paradise Gray, […]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Justice Dept.’s decision in Jordan Miles case increases distrust

What will mend rift between police and community? Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The news that the Department of Justice wouldn’t file charges against three Pittsburgh police officers accused of using excessive force against a Homewood teenager was disappointing for the teen and his family. But for the community affected by it, the decision has served […]