February 7, 2016

Robinson challenges DA… Proposes County Police Review Board

Christian Morrow, Pittsburgh New Courier—Spurred by Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s lack of action in charging the three Pittsburgh officers accused of beating CAPA student Jordan Miles more than a year ago, District 10 County Councilman William Robinson has proposed legislating the creation of a countywide civilian review board. But before he does that, […]

Miles case focus narrows to officers

Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—With a partial settlement of Jordan Miles’ federal lawsuit Tuesday, his legal team dropped claims against police department management and cleared the way for a July 15 trial that will focus entirely on the actions of the three officers accused of beating the teenager on a Homewood street.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: City police must divulge more details about cases

Council measure stems from teen’s 2010 encounter Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—After 18 months of debate, including one meeting at which the police union president performed a pat-down on the city’s top legislator, Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a bill requiring the police department to share more information about stop-and-frisk encounters and other hot-button […]

We need you at the final vote on the Police Reporting & Accountability Bill!


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh police accountability bill postponed

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—A police accountability bill that has been on Pittsburgh City Council’s calendar for more than 500 days will remain there for a least two more weeks.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Council delays action on ‘stop-and-frisk’ bill

Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Pittsburgh City Council, the city police department and community activists will have the next month to find common ground on a controversial police accountability bill that would require officers to file a report on every “stop-and-frisk” encounter with a pedestrian.

WDUQ: More Police Accountability Measures Introduced

WDUQ—Pittsburgh community groups strongly support a new amendment to add more police accountability measures to a package called the “Jordan Miles Public Safety Reform Agenda.”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Jordan Miles’ family rejects $180,000 to settle lawsuit

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—The family of Jordan Miles will not accept an offer to settle a civil lawsuit for the $180,000 offered by Pittsburgh today, Miles’ attorney J. Kerrington Lewis said.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh offers $180,000 to settle Jordan Miles case

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The city of Pittsburgh has offered to settle the civil case filed by Jordan Miles, the teen whose injuries at the hands of police last year have become the focal point of the local police accountability movement.

PHOTOS & FULL TEXT: Activists deliver a People’s Indictment of the 3 officers that beat Jordan Miles

City Paper: Miles to Go: After more than a year of being the face for police accountability, Jordan Miles is now adding his voice

Chris Young, Pittsburgh City Paper—Since his arrest and beating at the hands of three undercover city police officers last year, Jordan Miles has been the face of efforts to reform the Pittsburgh Police  — whether he wanted to be or not.

Raw footage: Justice for Jordan Miles Emergency Protest #2, Police HQ, 14 May 2011

Nigel Parry for Pittsburgh Indymedia—Raw Flipcam footage from the second emergency protest for Justice for Jordan Miles, called by the Alliance for Police Accountability. The footage (released as Creative Commons-Non-Commercial-Attribution) was shot near and in front of Police Headquarters in the Northside of Pittsburgh, on May 14th, 2011, from just after 1pm onwards.

Terez Miles’ statement, read out during the May 6th Emergency Protest in Downtown

Thursday, May 5, 2011—Yesterday’s decision by federal officials not to charge the three police officers who brutally beat Jordan came as a horrible insult, to Jordan, to me as his mother, and to everyone with eyes, a brain and common sense.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: NAACP seeks meeting on Jordan Miles case

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The Pittsburgh branch of the NAACP plans to ask for a meeting with the police chief, mayor and district attorney to create a dialogue about police-community relations.

AP: NAACP wants to meet with mayor, police chief to discuss police beating of arts student

Associated Press—The Pittsburgh branch of the NAACP wants to meet with the mayor, police chief and district attorney about separate investigations by the Justice Department and the city failed to prove three white officers broke the law or department regulations when they beat a black arts student last year.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: NAACP wants city officers prosecuted for Jordan Miles beating

Tony LaRussa, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—The head of the Pittsburgh chapter of the NAACP yesterday said the organization is unified with other black organizations that are calling for the firing and prosecution of three Pittsburgh police officers they say beat a Homewood teenager. “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is outraged over news of […]

Podcast: Special Rustbelt Radio report on Jordan Miles (extended 24 minute version)

The feature takes a look back at the 15 months since Jordan was beaten, the recent news that the federal government are not going to prosecute the cops for civil rights violations of Miles—which the Mayor and Police Chief are trying to spin as a blanket pardon. Listen to speakers including Tim Stevens, Paradise Gray, […]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Justice Dept.’s decision in Jordan Miles case increases distrust

What will mend rift between police and community? Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The news that the Department of Justice wouldn’t file charges against three Pittsburgh police officers accused of using excessive force against a Homewood teenager was disappointing for the teen and his family. But for the community affected by it, the decision has served […]

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Protesters want Pittsburgh officers fired

Margaret Harding, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—The three police officers accused in the beating of a Homewood teen won’t face federal charges and are free to return to work. But the saga isn’t over.

Raw footage: Speakers at Emergency Protest outside City-County Building

Nigel Parry for Pittsburgh Indymedia—27 minutes of raw footage of speakers at the Justice for Jordan Miles emergency protest held outside the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh on 6 May 2011. Speakers: Tim Stevens (video start), Bria Adams (jump to 1:25), Pete Shell (jump to 4:12), Bob Maddick (jump to 7:13); Paradise Gray (jump to […]