February 6, 2016

List of Witnesses

This list of names of witnesses who testified and possible witnesses was compiled from the official document with questions to the jury (potential jurors were asked if they knew any of these people).


The family
Jordan Miles – Plaintiff
Patricia Porter – Grandmother
Terez Miles – Mother

Friends and neighbors
Jamiah Anderson – Friend
Ryan Allen – Friend
Monica Wooding – Neighbor
A. Ron Roberts – Neighbor
Patricia Coleman – Neighbor

Michael Saldutte – defendant, police officer
David Sisak – defendant, police officer
Richard Ewing – defendant, police officer
Nathan Harper – Chief of Police
Charles Henderson – police sergent who talked to Miles at the hospital
Lisa McCoy – mobile crime unit

Medical professionals
Jay Leathers – Allegheny General Hospital Psychiatrist
Joshua S. Fenton – UPMC Shadyside ER
Maria Francis Twichell _ Psyatrist
Thomas P. Martin – West Penn ER

People who know Jordan at school/work
Melissa Pearlman – CAPA Principal
Karen C. Kennedy – CAPA English Teacher
Casey Rotherman (sp?), Jordan’s manager at CVS (not on original witness list in voir dire document)

James L. Kenkel – Economics professor, expert on damages
R. Paul McCauley – Police Procedures Expert
David Wright – Police use of force expert
Joseph Stine – Police expert


Anthony Negron
Austin Evans
Bill Lintz
Bill Turner
Candace Foster
Cheryl Watson
Dalia Hall
Dan Connelly
Darren Fedorski
David Horak
Dawn Gibson
Gregory Habib
Jack Lynn
James Randall Taylor
Jeffrey Abrahim
Keith Nemeth
Kevin Kraus
Lamar Johnson
Matt Hastings
Mildred Jenkins
RaShall Brackney – Police commander with negative testimony about defendants
Raymond Ichenmiller
Richard Hopson
Robert Lee
Roy Dean
Samuel Gibson
Scott Gibson
Scott Schubert
Sean Castafani
Sonia Bush, FBI Agent
Tad T. Garske
Vicky Mitchell-Taylor
Yolanda Roberts
Zephon Williams – friend

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