February 8, 2016

Differing Opinions: Experts paint different pictures about what happened the night teen was beaten

“This case will turn on the credibility of the witnesses.” Chris Young, City Paper—It’s been two years since Jordan Miles confronted three undercover Pittsburgh police officers on a cold winter night in Homewood. But what happened during the former CAPA student’s high-profile beating arrest on Jan. 12, 2010, is still a mystery.

WDUQ: More Police Accountability Measures Introduced

WDUQ—Pittsburgh community groups strongly support a new amendment to add more police accountability measures to a package called the “Jordan Miles Public Safety Reform Agenda.”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Black leaders press for police accountability

Bill Vidonic, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—Black leaders on Wednesday angrily demanded Pittsburgh City Council pass additional legislation they said would make police more accountable to the people they serve. “We want Pittsburgh to be a national leader in police accountability,” said Tim Stevens, chairman of the Black Political Empowerment Project, during a news conference before council’s meeting.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Miles family rejects settlement offered in police scuffle

Timothy Puko, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—The family of Jordan Miles will not accept a $180,000 offer from the city of Pittsburgh to settle a civil lawsuit, Miles’ attorney J. Kerrington Lewis said on Monday.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: No fed charges in Jordan Miles’ beating

Bobby Kerlik, Jill King Greenwood, Michael Hasch, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—After more than a year of investigating, federal officials said on Wednesday they do not have enough evidence to charge three Pittsburgh police officers accused of beating a Homewood teenager during an arrest near his home.

Feds will not prosecute police in Jordan Miles case

3 faced charges in alleged brutality against Jordan Miles Sadie Gurman and Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—A Justice Department decision Wednesday not to charge three police officers with civil rights violations in the case of Jordan Miles brought relief for the accused and disillusionment for the Homewood teen whose name became inextricably linked with police […]

Jordan Miles civil and criminal cases go on

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Mediation has failed to resolve a civil lawsuit stemming from the 2010 beating of Jordan Miles, because a criminal probe complicated settlement talks, court papers filed Sunday indicate.

Homewood teen’s lawsuit seeks Pittsburgh officers’ removal

Brian Bowling and Bobby Kerlik, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—A Homewood teenager who filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and three Pittsburgh police officers wants a judge to take the officers off the street.

Pay Daze

Chris Young, Pittsburgh City Paper—Thanks to an agreement worked out between the city and the police union, three officers under investigation for allegedly beating a Homewood teen are getting paid overtime without ever setting foot on the streets or buckling into a patrol car — and that may continue for a while.

Turmoil, crime stress Highland Park police zone

Jill King Greenwood, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—When Pittsburgh police swear in 36 new officers next week, the beleaguered Highland Park station hopes to get more than a few of the recruits.

More on Hlavac, Miles cases

Chris Potter, City Paper—In a post earlier this week, I raised some questions about two cases involving accusations of police misconduct: the (since dismissed) charges of domestic abuse against Pittsburgh police Sergeant Eugene Hlavac, and the investigation into the conduct of officers involved in the Jordan Miles case.

Miles investigation ongoing until federal probe ends

Chris Togneri, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—An investigation into a Homewood teenager’s allegations that three Pittsburgh police officers beat him during a January arrest will remain open until a federal investigation is complete, the city solicitor said in a letter Tuesday.