February 7, 2016

Russia Today: Cops paid after beating teen

Russia Today—“Where’s the money? Where’s the gun? Where’s the drugs?” That’s what Jordan Miles heard last January as he walked to his grandmother’s home in his Pittsburgh, PA neighborhood. Miles was only 18 at the time, and when the three men got out of their car and approached him and began questioning, he ran.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: No fed charges in Jordan Miles’ beating

Bobby Kerlik, Jill King Greenwood, Michael Hasch, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—After more than a year of investigating, federal officials said on Wednesday they do not have enough evidence to charge three Pittsburgh police officers accused of beating a Homewood teenager during an arrest near his home.

Faker Claims No Union Support For Cops In Jordan Miles Beating

WTAE—Top officials with the Pittsburgh police officers’ union said a fake statement was sent to local media on Monday, alleging that the union no longer stands behind three cops who are the subject of a nearly yearlong investigation of the beating of Jordan Miles.

Pittsburgh FOP Criticized For Comments

Andy Sheehan, KDKA—The Fraternal Order of Police says the Jordan Miles incident has made officers more apprehensive – less willing to arrest those carrying illegal guns.

Homewood teen’s lawsuit seeks Pittsburgh officers’ removal

Brian Bowling and Bobby Kerlik, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—A Homewood teenager who filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and three Pittsburgh police officers wants a judge to take the officers off the street.

Pittsburgh police to march for accused officers

Jill King Greenwood/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—Pittsburgh police officers planned to don green shirts to march in today’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade to publicly declare their support for three officers accused of beating a Homewood teen.

Pittsburgh Police ‘Blue Flu’ Rumors Dismissed

WTAE—Pittsburgh police are warned not to call in sick without reason or cut back on patrols in the wake of a judge’s decision to dismiss the charges against CAPA high school student Jordan Miles, who claims he was beaten by three officers.

Defense lawyers hired for Pittsburgh officers in Homewood case

Bobby Kerlik, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—The Pittsburgh police union hired veteran criminal defense attorneys for three officers under investigation by the city and FBI for allegations of brutality during the arrest of a Homewood teenager.

Honors student Jordan Miles cleared by judge

Bobby Kerlik, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—A Homewood teenager at the center of a racially charged police brutality investigation celebrated with his family Thursday when a judge dismissed charges from his arrest by officers he says beat him.

Charges Dismissed Against Teen Who Says Cops Beat Him

WTAE—All charges were dismissed Thursday against a Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts student who said he was brutalized by three city police officers who arrested him in Homewood.

Hard to fathom police defense in beating

Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The beating of 18-year-old Jordan Miles on a Homewood street by three plainclothes police officers earlier this month is inexplicable to everyone — except the Fraternal Order of Police spokesman who tried to put an unconscionable act of violence into “perspective” for outraged skeptics.

CAPA students gather at City Hall to support teen alleging brutality

Jason Cato and Jill King Greenwood, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—As students and community leaders rallied Tuesday against three Pittsburgh police officers accused of beating a high school student, police leaders asked for patience while an investigation into the incident continues.

Police incident provokes ire

City high school students rally to demand an investigation into the arrest and alleged beating of a classmate Sadie Gurman and Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Students from the city’s Creative and Performing Arts High School marched to the City-County Building on Tuesday in support of a classmate who said police brutally beat him earlier this month, […]

FBI looking into CAPA student’s police beating claim

Rich Lord, Sadie Gurman and Dan Majors, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The chief counsel for the Pittsburgh office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation this afternoon confirmed that agents are looking into allegations that city police officers brutally beat an 18-year-old CAPA student earlier this month.