February 6, 2016

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Ex-Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper indicted

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert C. Mitchell today announced a federal grand jury handed up a five count indictment of former Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper. Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Cessar said the indictment included one count of criminal conspiracy. Judge Mitchell described the four other counts as “tax problems.” The grand jury foreman said 17 members were present and at least 12 voted to indict. Mr. Cessar motioned for an arrest warrant. At an afternoon initial appearance and arraignment before U.S. Judge Mitchell, Mr. Harper pleaded not guilty as is standard at this stage of federal proceeding. He appeared in a brown suit with attorneys Robert DelGreco and Robert Leicht, who said they will continue to represent him. [Continue Reading]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jordan Miles case not defining moment for Civil Rights Section, says U.S. Attorney Hickton

‘I hope our civil rights effort will not be judged by one case’ Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—A year ago last week, the region’s new top federal prosecutor tasked a team of five attorneys with pursuing civil rights violations.

Jordan Miles, city denied access to grand jury testimony

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The civil case filed by Jordan Miles against the city of Pittsburgh isn’t weighty enough to warrant the breaching of the traditional secrecy of federal grand jury proceedings, U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster ruled Tuesday.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jordan Miles, city denied access to grand jury testimony

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster ruled late Tuesday that the city of Pittsburgh and the legal team for Jordan Miles can’t have access to secret grand jury testimony.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Both sides in Jordan Miles case to view some FBI files

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The city of Pittsburgh and attorneys for Jordan Miles will be permitted to view some records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into police handling of his January 2010 arrest.

WTAE: ‘It’s Not Going Away’: Petition Seeks Cop Charges In Jordan Miles Case

Alliance For Police Accountability Goes To District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s Office [hana-flv-player video=”http://justiceforjordanmiles.com/media/video/20110603-WTAE-petitions.flv” width=”600″ height=”350″ description=”” player=”2″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /] WTAE—A group that wants criminal charges against Pittsburgh police who were involved in Jordan Miles’ beating dropped off a petition signed by 1,000 people at District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s office Friday morning.

Cops in beating case to go back on the beat

Lauren Daley, Pittsburgh City Paper—City officials announced today that three police officers accused of beating a Homewood teenager last year will be re-instated, now that the US Department of Justice has declined to prosecute them.

No Charges: Cops Who Beat Pittsburgh Teen Going Back To Work

WTAE—No criminal charges will be brought against three Pittsburgh police officers who were involved in the violent arrest of then-high school student Jordan Miles in Homewood more than a year ago.

Pittsburgh police chief says 3 officers suspended in beating case will be reinstated to force

Associated Press—Three white plainclothes Pittsburgh police officers who had been suspended with pay for more than 15 months will be reinstated now that a city investigation has failed to “prove or disprove” allegations that they wrongly beat a black teen.

Feds will not prosecute police in Jordan Miles case

3 faced charges in alleged brutality against Jordan Miles Sadie Gurman and Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—A Justice Department decision Wednesday not to charge three police officers with civil rights violations in the case of Jordan Miles brought relief for the accused and disillusionment for the Homewood teen whose name became inextricably linked with police […]

Police Who Beat Pittsburgh Teen Won’t Be Charged

WTAE—No criminal charges will be brought against the Pittsburgh police officers who arrested and beat then-high school student Jordan Miles in Homewood more than a year ago.

Feds say no charges in Jordan Miles case

Bill Vidonic, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—Federal officials will not charge three Pittsburgh police officers accused of beating of a Homewood teen during an arrest near his home, U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton announced this afternoon.

Podcast: Jordan Miles Controversy Affects Police/Community Relations

WDUQ—Many in the African American community think police were the ones breaking the law in January, 2010 when they beat and arrested Jordan Miles in Homewood. There are allegations of racial profiling and excessive force.

Jordan Miles civil and criminal cases go on

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Mediation has failed to resolve a civil lawsuit stemming from the 2010 beating of Jordan Miles, because a criminal probe complicated settlement talks, court papers filed Sunday indicate.

Christmas Bonus

Chris Young, Pittsburgh City Paper—It’s been nearly a year since photos of Jordan Miles’ bruised and swollen face surfaced on local newscasts. Those wounds have healed, but as we approach the one-year mark of the former CAPA student’s controversial Jan. 12 arrest, frustration festers among some local activists and city officials. The investigation “is just […]

U.S. Attorney Opens Civil Rights Unit in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The new U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh has created a five-attorney civil rights unit to handle criminal and civil cases involving hate crimes, police misconduct, and other civil rights issues in the 25-county western district of Pennsylvania.

Leaders renew push for civil rights

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—A gathering of community leaders and activists Tuesday shows there’s strong support for a renewed civil rights effort in Pittsburgh, a former City Council member said.

U.S. attorney’s office debuts civil rights section

Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The unveiling Tuesday of a new civil rights section within the U.S. attorney’s office spawned expectations among some 80 advocates and activists gathered at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture.