February 8, 2016

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: “The Gammage Project: from Jonny to Jordan, what’s changed?”

WHERE: Charity Randall Theatre, in the Stephen Foster Memorial, 4301 Forbes Ave. WHEN: January 23, 7:00 PM WHO: David Harris, Elizabeth Pittinger, Tim Stevens, Wayne Babish, and Attilio Favorini Sorry: Audio degrades due to buzz towards end of broadcast. Pittsburgh, PA, January 17, 2012 – “The Gammage Project: From Jonny to Jordan, what’s changed?” begins […]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Justice Dept.’s decision in Jordan Miles case increases distrust

What will mend rift between police and community? Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The news that the Department of Justice wouldn’t file charges against three Pittsburgh police officers accused of using excessive force against a Homewood teenager was disappointing for the teen and his family. But for the community affected by it, the decision has served […]

Podcast: Can Jordan Miles Incident Lead to Improved Relationships and Policing?

WDUQ—In this second report on policing and community relations vis-a-vis a controversial beating and arrest last year, WDUQ looks at some elements that contribute to trust, cooperation and accountability.

Podcast: Jordan Miles Controversy Affects Police/Community Relations

WDUQ—Many in the African American community think police were the ones breaking the law in January, 2010 when they beat and arrested Jordan Miles in Homewood. There are allegations of racial profiling and excessive force.

Community groups seek more information on police behavior

Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—The Pittsburgh police department must receive additional public scrutiny, city council was told Thursday, to avoid continued erosion of trust in the police in some of the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Community groups: Make Pittsburgh police more accountable

Bill Vidonic, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review— Community groups today urged Pittsburgh City Council to continue its efforts to make city police officers more accountable to the people they serve.

Groups call for more city police accountability

Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Community activists, academics and others today made a collective call for new accountability measures for Pittsburgh police.

Christmas Bonus

Chris Young, Pittsburgh City Paper—It’s been nearly a year since photos of Jordan Miles’ bruised and swollen face surfaced on local newscasts. Those wounds have healed, but as we approach the one-year mark of the former CAPA student’s controversial Jan. 12 arrest, frustration festers among some local activists and city officials. The investigation “is just […]

Pay Daze

Chris Young, Pittsburgh City Paper—Thanks to an agreement worked out between the city and the police union, three officers under investigation for allegedly beating a Homewood teen are getting paid overtime without ever setting foot on the streets or buckling into a patrol car — and that may continue for a while.

Grand jury allegedly reviewing beating claims

Jill King Greenwood and Bobby Kerlik/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—A federal grand jury is investigating a Homewood teenager’s allegations that three Pittsburgh police officers beat him during a January arrest near his home, according to sources familiar with the investigation.